Stevia Sweetener:


Bonita Life sweetens more and better. 1g of Bonita Life sweetens the equivalent of 10g of sugar. Ideal to sweeten all kinds of beverages, hot or cold, for baking, to produce delicious, healthy desserts, sauces, ice cream and more. Suitable for diabetics under caloric restriction diet with medical supervision. It contains aspartame or sucrose, and sodium. It dissolves easily.

Bonita Life uses Stevia leaves of premium quality produced in Colombia. A 100% natural product as Stevia leaves are fully processed in highly purified and demineralized water, not containing added spirit or chemicals.

INGREDIENTS: Stevia, Dextrose
(Natural Sweetener)

Other benefits of Stevia Bonita Life

  • An ideal product for those who are aware of health, theirsilhouette,for those whofor medical reasons,such asdiabetics, requirea product that allowsthem to enjoythe pleasantsweettastewithout riskingtheir health.
  • It possesses antirust properties
  • It is non-cariogenic
  • It has periodontal anti-plaque, anti-caries, anti-diseases properties