Dehydrated Leaf:


Leaf premium quality, produced under standards that ensure a product of the best features, with Steviol glucosides concentrations above 15% and 70% in rebaudioside A, with what we deliver a product of unique conditions in sweetening power. We provide selected leaves, 97% free of stems, and with specific conditions for each market segment. For the Industry of packaged leaves, sweeteners extraction, crystallization or refining, the pharmaceutical and food industry, among others.

  • Some properties of the leaf of Stevia: Stevia is beneficial for hypertensive people. The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Medical University of Taipei in Taiwan has determined that stevia acts as a hypotensor and cardiotonic, i.e., it regulates blood pressure and heartbeat. Stevia is also a vasodilator.
  • Stevia is a powerful antirust about 7 times more powerful than green tea.
  • Stevia is a bactericide and it is used in toothpaste and gum to prevent tooth decay for its antibiotic action against plaque.
  • Stevia combats certain fungi such as Candida Albicans, which causes vaginitis
  • Stevia is a mild diuretic that helps reduce uric acid levels.
  • Stevia has beneficial effects on the absorption of fats, it is antacid and aids digestion.
  • Stevia counters fatigue and anxiety states
  • It improves resistance to colds and flu.It is healing and bactericidal when applied against burns, wounds, etc.